One of the first services you get from us, regardless of your project's type or scope, is the consulting. In our years of experience with our projects and the web in general, we've learned what makes or breaks a project, so we can contribute with great insight even when your project is nothing more than an idea.

Solution architecture

An important part of the development process is the architecture design: this is done in the early stages of the project, before any of the actual coding, and its role is to determine the best technical approach on the project. This is the phase when decisions on technologies, frameworks and the server architecture are made and a large part of it means forseeing developments in scope and requirements over the projects lifespan.


Whether you've got a simple website or a complex Java application the web design or user interface design is one of the most important aspects of the entire project. The design is the first impression your website makes on your visitor and high-quality graphics and ease of use are determining if the visitor will proceed or abandon. We make sure the final user is equally impressed by aspect and ease of use, by producing pixel-perfect, breathtaking designs & interfaces.


Any website or application needs to be easy to understand and use. Whether you've got an online store or a complex application, usability is one of the most important aspects of the design: if the processes and components are not obvious and self-explanatory, then regardless of what advantages your site or application offers, users will likely refuse using it. We can make sure this will not happen.


We pride ourselves that we have the expertise to design and then bring to life complex applications and solutions that scale well as time passes and as your baby project turns into a complex monster. Making architecture design decisions together with you, knowing the limitations of every bit that we commit to - and explaining them to the client - will ensure that you are in control of how big an application you want to build.


Not only are we experts at writing code and creating websites, we will also document any work that we do. This makes sure that you can at any moment resume development. With us or with aybody else. Moreover, if you come to us when your project is only an idea, we can do the research and write the requirements document for it, covering functional specification and even detailed UI description, based on rapid prototyping and functional mockups that can be tried out, if you so desire.


The actual coding is usually one of the biggest parts of any project. Our team is skilled and has extensive experience in these areas and much more. We use advanced tools and servers to keep our work safe in source sontrol systems and to keep track of the fureatures, issues and the progress of your project.

Testing & QA

All our development is done with quality in mind and beside a dedicated quality assurance department, our developers also do extensive unit testing. Our company implements and functions according to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.

Deployment & Support

After development is done, it's time to launch and maintain the website or the product. We offer this service with all our projects, and we're here whenever you have questions with the product or need our help to develop it further.