Why outsource?

To reduce costs and save time

Collaboration with us offers unprecedented opportunities to drastically reduce custom software development costs while keeping up the highest quality product standards.

If your company's business is not IT-related, outsourcing your software development project to us brings you several major advantages:

  • No expenses associated with searching and hiring a team of qualified IT specialists
  • No need to allocate your company's resources to some second-best technologies, concentrating them on the hi-end business processes instead
  • No need to change your company's organizational structure to be able to temporarily make up a software development team
  • No social indemnity upon the temporary software development team dismissal
  • No losses due to the low level of software development process management
  • No delays in project development - as soon as the agreement is signed, the working process gets underway
In addition to the above, choosing us as your outsourcing partner saves you even more money, thanks to a much lower cost of labor in Romania. That's why the rates for custom software development offered by our company will always be 4-10 times lower than the ones in the US, Western Europe or Japan.

Why Romania?

Higly educated people with great communication skills

According to statistics, Romania has the highest proportion of college educated IT specialists compared to any country in Europe. This is due to the world famous 5-year University degree in Computer Science, followed in many cases by a master degree or a PhD.

Also, Romanians speak more foreign languages than any other country in Europe other than the Netherlands.

Why us?

We pack the biggest punch for your bucks

  • We do our best to understand your business needs. We take pride in our ability to guarantee successful collaboration. That means we listen carefully, understand the business needs behind a product and clearly express our ideas to make a solution-making communication process as efficient and convenient for you as possible.
  • Obtaining a reliable, maintainable solution. We are experts at writing and testing source code. Our code is always cleanly designed, well documented and rigorously tested. Every project is broken down into discrete components with well-defined requirements and interfaces. We sometimes reuse code by taking advantage of third party software, where possible, since it generally leads to faster development.
  • Carefully calculated time estimates. We give you detailed time and cost estimates so you can find the best solution for your business. You'll be informed right as we've set a ballpark figure for the project development time. In case the project scope or the use of some new technology prevents us from delivering a precise estimate, we'll give you a realistic evaluation of the soonest, latest and the most likely timeframes
  • Very affordable prices. Appreciable differences in wages of top-notch programmers based in the US/Europe/Japan and the ones working here in Romania will enable you to easily cut your project budget 50-70%.
  • Enjoy our technology. By using advanced project tracking, risk management and quality control, we deliver code with bug counts far below the industry average. Our methodology also ensures a consistent look and feel throughout our applications, dramatically reducing training time and guaranteeing the ease of use.
  • Enjoy our flexibility. Our company's flexibility allows you to do business on your terms without re-engineering your business processes to accommodate the created custom software. When needed for your projects, we create personalized implementation methodology designed to get you up and running quickly and comfortably.
  • No problems with globalization. Developing custom business solutions, we offer full support for companies operating internationally. Regardless of whether you are importing, exporting or operating with offices in multiple countries, there are international requirements which must be met, meaning the demand for products built from scratch as a custom solution. We can build multi-currency, multi-lingual solutions.